We are going to be exploring PLANTS in pairs!

One of you will be the researcher/illustrator and one of you will be the writer

-Together you will watch a video about the parts of the plant.

- You will learn the different names of the parts of a plant.

- The researcher will look at the webpage links for each part of a plant and will learn what each parts function is.The writer will write two facts about each part of the plant and enter it in your science notebook that I have provided you. After that, the researcher/illustrator will draw a picture of each of the parts. 

- Then you will take a quiz about the functions of the plant parts!

Remember to...

Work with your partner.



Use your textbook and computer.



Raise your hand for help if your stuck .


 After we are done learning about plants, we will be starting a fun experiment!


Step one- You will be assigned partners for this assignment and watch a quick video about the parts of a plant

Step two- After watching the video each of you will complete the worksheet below on how to label parts of a plant

After you are done labeling the parts, scroll down!











Did you get the same answers as below?

1. Flower

2. Stem

3. Leaf

4. Roots


If so, good job! Now let's find out what each of these parts do.

Every part of a plant is important. Let's see what each part does, and why the plant needs it.

Step three-

Click on the name of each plant part.

Read about each part. 

After you are finished reading about each part of the plant, the writer will write down 2 facts about each part in their Science Notebook that I have provided . The illustrator will make a picture of each of the parts at the top of the page.  When you are finished with this step you should have 8 facts written down!

As partners you will receive two cups, soil, and two lima beans.

First you will put the soil in the cups.

Next, you will put one lima bean in each cup. 

Now you will water the plants.

Every day you will observe the plants.

Write your observations in the science journal that I provided you .

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